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Boats that are registered

Date updated: 18/11/2017


Scout Boats
Boat No Group Description Comment
M-18339 Boating Mirror  
M-36066 Boating Mirror  
M-45086 Boating Mirror - "Peter O"  
M-45609 Boating Mirror  
SC05S  Centennial Park "Spindrift" P/B (wood) Rowing only
SC15S  Centennial Park    "Nakondi" P/B     
SC21S Naracoorte "Jack Young" P/B Rowing only
SC23S  Centennial Park  "Kirinari" P/B    
SC27S Pt Noarlunga    "Valkarie" P/B     
SC29S Port Noarlunga   "Raminjeri" P/B     
SC35S Ridgehaven "Mud Skipper" P/B  
SC36S Somerton Park "Alan M" P/B  
SC37S Goolwa "Minimba" P/B  
SC43S Goolwa "Currency Lass" P/B  
SC44S Somerton Park "Graham Brookman"  
SC47S Pt Noarlunga    "Valhalla" P/B     
SC100S Seahaven "Commissioner" P/B  
SC102S Seahaven Quintrex power boat  
SC129S Seahaven "Titanic" power boat  
773 Pt Noarlunga "Grace Kelly" Dinghy Use on Onkaparinga River only


Private Boats
Boat No Description Boat Name Comment
S2602 Hobie Cat