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SIS10 Outdoor Recreation Qualifications

SIS10 (SI = service Industry, S = Sport, 10 = 2010) Sport and Recreation Training Package.

The SIS-10 program is an externally recognised Formal Vocational Education and Training (VET) quality controlled and recognised Australia wide.

Vocational education and training (VET) is that part of tertiary education and training. Qualifications range from certificate II to certificate IV, and diploma and advanced diploma. Individuals can be trained in part qualifications or “skills sets”.

The National Vocational Education (NVE) and Training Regulations Act (2011) came into effect on the1st July, 2011. These legislated changes were made in order to create consistency nationally with an increased focus on monitoring the quality of training providers, trainers and courses.

The standards and requirements that Scouts have been directed by in the past are now legislated.

  • Scouts Australia Institute of Training (SAIT) currently delivers over 150 SIS10 different units covering many Adventurous Activity Units.
  • SAIT is presently focusing on 20 various activities. This number is constantly changing.
  • Scouts SA offers training in many of these including Rock sports, Archery, Canoeing, Mountain Biking and Sailing.
  • Obtaining a Certificate at any level is NOT a requirement to carry out normal Scouting activities, although they can be gained through SAIT.
  • Venturers undertaking SIS10 training can use this additional training (with Unit council approval) to support the Venturer Award scheme.
  • SAIT has set a series of skill set criteria that match community/industry skill sets. Skill sets generally require fewer units than Certificates but may require additional requirements e.g. Gilwell Basic training. Skill Sets consist of a number of units.
  • Units are gained by completing a formal course, credit transfer or via the RPL process. Units are “signed off” by a qualified Assessor (TAE qualified, currently holding the specific unit and currently associated with the industry).
  • Once the unit is completed the formal SAIT documentation is processed through Branch, then onto SAIT and if approved recorded on the National SAIT data base.

Scouts Australia requires qualifications for Rowing and Sailing.


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