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2020 Regatta Plan

1.         Vision and Aim

Regatta is an event that will offer Scouts, Venturers and Rovers a variety of outdoor activities from traditional scouting camping skills as well as a variety of come and try to competitive water activities. These activities will offer young people physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development.

Youth members will remember Regatta because they had fun, made new friends and had great experiences.

Leaders will remember the fellowship of communicative environments and achievements.

2.         Event Details

2.1.             Location of Activity

Regatta will be held at Avoca Dell, Murray Bridge.

The site offers approximately 400 square meters for our campsite within the Caravan Park

It is 80.7km from Adelaide and take 1hr 4mins to travel by car.

Avoca Dell public park is the planned water activity site for Regatta.

2.2.             Dates and time of activity

Regatta will run from Friday 20 March 2020 as arrival and camp set up through to Sunday 22 March 2020. The competitive part of the Regatta will begin Saturday morning.  

2.3.             Who can attend the activity?

Youth Members: Regatta will be open to Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Guides – aged 10 ½ and above.  

Adult Members: Leaders and registered adult helpers who are deemed current by Scouting SA or Guides SA.

All attendees must register for Regatta.

2.4.             Regatta Fees

Fees for youth members and troop leaders are for camping and use of activity facilities only. You will still need to arrange your own food and transport costs.

Youth Member Participant Fee:          $45
Adult Leader:                                      $20

Activity and HQ Leaders will be providing continuous support to the program. Fees below reflect the cost of catering. Activity leaders who choose not to be catered for will have Adult Leader fee above.

Activity and HQ Leader Fee:                           $35

Youth Leaders will have the opportunity to participate as well as contribute to the leadership of the event. They will be fully catered with the Activity leaders.

Youth Member Leader Fee:                            $35
(Endorsed Venturer and older)

2.5.             Program

  • Friday 20/3/2020
    • Evening: Groups bump in and set up camp.
  • Saturday 21/3/2020
    • 8:00am - Flag Ceremony.
    • 9:00am Morning – General activities begin.
    • Morning – Activity teams launch boats and prepare activity areas.
    • 12:pm – Lunch.
    • 1:00pm Afternoon – All water activities running.
    • Evening – Dinner.
    • Night wide games.
  • Sunday 22/3/2020
    • 9:00am Morning – All activities running.
    • Morning – Regatta Finals.
    • 12:pm – Lunch.
    • 1:pm – Awards and Trophies. Closing Ceremony.
    • Afternoon – Pack up and clear site.

 2.6.             Branding

 The theme for the Regatta will be “CIRCUS”

 2.7.             Ceremonies

 The official opening ceremony will occur on Saturday the 21st March at 8:00am. All members are invited to attend. Uniform will not be required.

 The closing ceremony will occur at 1pm on Sunday.

2.8.             Smoking

Regatta is a non smoking event but a designated area/retreat will be set up for smokers.

2.9.             Alcohol

Regatta will be a “dry ” event. Those wishing to consume alcohol will need to leave the site and visit the facilities offered them at Murray Bridge.

Those who consume alcohol may be refused re-entry of anyone not considered to be sober. The decision in this matter will be final.

3.         Activities

General activities will include all those activities offered on site that do not require booking in advance. They will remain open and members can freely visit the activity sites to participate. Some queuing may occur.

These activities may include:

  • Environment
  • Geocaching
  • Mini Golf
  • Beach Volley Ball
  • Electronics and Radio
  • Chill out tent (Games – Board games, Cards, Chess, etc)
  • Swimming

Booked activities are activities that groups submit teams or patrols for.

  • Rowing Racing: - Age based timetable
  • Recreational/Come and try boating and canoeing

3.1.             Night Entertainment

There will be night time activities offered to members during Regatta. This will include night wide games, skits and sketches, possibly disco and video entertainment depending on numbers and copyright requirements.

4.         Administration

4.1.             Applications

Applications for Regatta are Y4, Event Nominations and Crew Nominations. Applications will require personal details including troop, medical and dietary information.

Applications require a working email address for communications.

Y4 are to be collected by group.

Event Nominations and Crew Nominations are to be forwarded to Regatta Team prior to closing date.

Personal information – next of kin, emergency contacts, medical and dietary requirements are stored within the group ie Y4 and A4 forms.  A copy of these forms are to be handed into Administration on arrival at site.  This information will be accessible at the Regatta by authorised individuals.

4.2.             Participants and Staff

Regatta staff will include Adult leaders, Adult helpers, Guide Leaders, Guide Helpers, Venturer, Rover and Guide helpers. There are a number of different areas that require help. While it may be difficult for some members to get away from their role, all leaders will be encouraged to take time to have fun on the activity site.

General staff works for HQ which includes Communications, registrations, First Aid and the Staff Galley.

Adventurous Activity staff works at the various activity sections providing endorsed support for activities.

4.3.             Health and Welfare

It is expected that all members maintain a duty of care towards each other at all times. Troop leaders are responsible for their members. Staff members are required to act on first aid or welfare issues as they arise.

HQ will manage the First Aid tent. Additionally it is a requirement of activity leaders to hold a current senior first aid certificate.

Everyone is responsible to ensure the welfare of everyone attending Regatta. All members are expected to be vigilant and make this a happy and safe activity for all attending.

Members feeling overwhelmed can head to the Galley are for some time away.

4.4.             Spiritual welfare

Scouts own will be held Sunday morning.

4.5.             Marketing

There will be widespread marketing for Regatta.  Marketing strategies include: presentations, promotional material, flyers, emails, mindari’s, facebook and youtube.

Word of mouth is the strongest form of referral and recruitment for a scout event. Leaders are encouraged to support Regatta.

In keeping with tradition there will be an event Badge for Regatta.

There will be an all leaders newsletter leading up to Regatta.

4.6.             HQ

There will be an HQ tent next to the Galley and the First Aid tent.

It will be open from

  • 8:00am to 12:30
  • 1:30 to 6:00pm
  • 7:00pm to 10:00pm

It will be closed during meal breaks.

HQ will be responsible for

  • Registration
  • Site allotment
  • Lost and Found
  • Providing general assistance
  • Selling of Merchandise
  •  Incident reporting

 5.         Finance

 Payments should be made electronically at least 10 days before the event.

 Direct deposits can be made to:

  • Scouts SA Boating
  • BSB 015 010
  •  Account 901 991 956 

Please reference with Reg2020-YourName-Your Troop

5.1.             Refunds

As there are non refundable overheads associated with this event there are certain restrictions on camp refunds.

  • For withdrawal 20 days before - a full refund will be available.
  • For withdrawal between 19 and 7 days before - a 50% refund will be available. 
  • Cancellations after 7 days will not be refunded.
  • Refunds for extenuating circumstances will be at the discretion of the ABC-Boating – Events.

6.         Sites and Services

HQ is under the leadership of the ABC Boating Events who is responsible for the operation of the Regatta site. HQ is also responsible for delivery of staff meals and campsite management.

The BC Boating will coordinate the adventurous activity section. Adventurous activity sections will self manage their daily operations and their decisions in this matter are final.

Site layout: tba.

6.1.             Accommodation

All participants will be expected to sleep in the designated camping area within the caravan park. Participants will be expected to camp in a tent. Participants who wish to bring caravans on site or other trailer accommodations will need to make arrangements with the ABC Boating – Events 20 days before the event.

6.2.             Electricity

Electricity may be provided to HQ. There will be no other electricity supply available. The use of portable generators is prohibited.

Only authorised personal will be granted access to the site. Day passes for families who wish to watch the races will need to be issued before the event.

Anyone attempting to enter the site without a pass will be asked to leave.

6.3.             Parking

Car parking will be available on the site. Please note boats, cars and trailers will not be able to be kept overnight in the camping area due to space restrictions.

6.4.             Leave no Trace

This is a leave no trace event so all waste will have to be removed by each group. There will be a designated area for water waste.

The caravan park will provide waste and recycling bins, however Scouts should be thrifty when using onsite services.

6.5.             Water

Water will need to be supplied by groups as tap water is undrinkable.  Limited rain water is available.

Please create your own water filter for dish washing and use Murray water.

6.6.             Toilets

Portaloos will be supplied in camp site area. There are limited facility at the Caravan Park.  The waters edge has a brick toilet block which is available for the public, it is recommended that scouts use the buddy system for the toiles.

6.7.             Catering

The Staff catering area will be near the campsite and will cater for leaders, Adult helpers, Venturer , Rover and Guide helpers who have paid and registered in advance.

Service times:

  • Breakfast 7:00am to 9:am
  • Lunch 12:30 to 1:30
  • Dinner 6:30 pm to 8pm

6.8.             Communication


There will be a closed computer laptop for the use of HQ so as to allow access to admin, finance, participants database for medical information and access to common drives.

6.9.             Radio

The scout Radios will be used for communication on boats during the event.

7.         Operations

Transport and traffic management:

Leaders will be responsible for traffic management during Regatta

The site plan includes designated parking areas.

Fire:  There will be a strict fire ban during Regatta. All camp cooking must be done on gas stoves with proper ventilation. As a part of the camping activities HQ will send around a camp inspectors to ensure sites are safe.

8.         Regatta Team

Event Coordinator

Craig Wall
BC Boating

Campsite director

Margaret McCallum
ABC Boating Events

0407 711 479





Scout Leaders on Camp



Scout Leaders on Camp



Scout Leaders on Camp


First Aid

Luke and Odette



9.         Risk Management

Please refer to the Risk Management Attachment for Regatta (available through event organiser)

10.      Emergency plans

Emergency plans are covered in the Risk Management document.