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2020 Regatta POSTPONED

Due to novel coronavirus, the 2020 Regatta has to be postponed.  Notices will be posted of new date and time, probably later in the year.  The decision was based on current fears about the spread of the novel coronavirus and protecting scouts.

Avoca Dell Murray Bridge
THEME: Circus

Circus Regatta 2020 to be held at Avoca Dell Murray Bridge

Friday 20 March 2020 - Sunday 22 March 2020

All Scout Troops are invited to attend and participate in the annual regatta.

Groups will be self catering, however catering may be available for Leaders attending not connected with a group (please contact for further information).

$45.00 for youth & $20.00 for leaders

If you need to borrow a boat for the event contact  Craig Wall BC Boating

Latest information - 21 February 2020

Please note the Regatta Administration will require printed Y4 forms and A4 forms

or register through myscout 

Event is for Youth (Scout, Venturer & Rover) and Leaders 

Rules for Rowing Regatta 

Patrol Nomination Form (will be emailed directly to registered scout leaders after event nomination form received)

Event Nomination Form

2020 Regatta Plan

If you have any questions/concerns please